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Prof. Dr. med. Walter Köster

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Significantly improved success rates in day-to-day practice through the application of homeopathy based on quantum logic

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Walter Köster

At the 1995 LIGA Congress in New Dehli, Prof. Köster was given the opportunity to speak about the fact that Hahnemann and C. G. Jung both evolved a very similar model of thought. During the next years he could figure out, that both worked with the same logical structure – i. e. quantum logic.

He found out that most of the failures applying homeopathy emerge out of using classical logic and leaving quantum logic. What is the difference? (See slide 1)

Aristotle wanted to divide the world into exact physical parts by his mechanistic logic. For that purpose he had to eliminate apriori the relations between the parts (tertium non datur). His world became a universe of independent, separable and separated particles. (See slide 2)

On the other hand living objects never are only particles, but exist by relations that form them to a whole. They got into the back-ground. Relations itselves became secondary in this logic and where only imaginable as relations between particles, not existing by themselves. (See slide 3)

In contrast look at the quantum logic please, the logic emerging out of the quantum theory. (See slide 4) Prof Köster has elaborated quantum logic for medicine in his book “The Logic of Holism, How Quantum Logic is Changing Medical Science”.

Here the basic unit is not a particle, but a relation. To grasp it ex-actly, we need the complementarity (See slide 5). It consists in the classical view of two parts excluding themselves and a function forming them to a unit, a scientific determined whole. (See slide6)

What a vision to create out of this logic an exactly working holistic medicine, carrying forward the homeopathy of Hahnemann to a sci-ence called Quantum Logic Medicine. This is all the more important as homeopathy with Kent turned back more to the classical logic looking primary at particles as single symptoms instead of grasping the patient as a whole.

Therefore Prof. Köster developed an exact quantum logic technique for the daily practice (See slide 7). Its successes are enormously surer, more transparent, and it is especially in chronic diseases substantially more effective in healing.
A blind test of Dr. Astrida Taborsky at Frankfurt (See slide 8) got the result that two-thirds of the participants elected the same remedy, and this remedy healed! Where did you get this result in Kent’s classical homeopathy?

Let me illustrate Quantum Logic Medicine with an example, pro-ceeding step by the step as we do in daily practice.

1. As we do in homeopathy the physician compiles every single piece of data revealed by the patient. (See slide 9)

2. Yet piling the data all into a big heap does not do much to tell us who that patient actually is! The physician needs to know more.

3. Let’s take Ralf as example. His head is at the top of his body and his feet at the bottom. He is not, in other words, some randomly assembled “heap of data”. The data he con-tains are connected to one another through Top and Bot-tom. (See slide 10)

4. When writing, for example, Ralf corrects “everything three hundred times over“! This type of behaviour is related to a trait in Ralf’s character. The data we glean from Ralf is all interrelated. Relatedness runs right through Ralf, linking and connecting him. It is this which makes him a connected being, a functioning, holistic entity. (See slide 11) Therefore the quantum logical physician looks specifically to discover as much as can be found about the relationships in Ralf, for it is they that connect him – making him a holistic entity.

5. Whenever relationships interact, processes are quite evi-dently occurring. Once familiar with the sequence of events, the physician is in possession of more information. (See slide 12) “Mistake and correction” says far less than “First the mistake, then the correction, and that three hundred times over”.

6. (See slide 13) Ralf “makes three hundred mistakes” and “corrects them three hundred times over”. Why? What keeps this process in motion? Clearly, Ralf is unable to stop on either of the two sides. The process would, in fact, cease immediately if Ralf were to remain error-free after the cor-rections – or he could in future learn to accept mistakes without correcting them.

Yet he does neither of the two; he makes more mistakes and corrects them again. As Ralf actualizes both sides – mistakes and corrections – he must have a “soft spot” for them. There must be a propensity for, or an impulse to-wards, the two. Whether or not he wants this is not the is-sue here. What the facts reveal is simply: both sides are supported, although - or as - they are complementary! (See slide 14)

7. With the two sides constantly alternating, the alternation of the two itself becomes an enduring function: make mis-takes – correct them – make mistakes – correct them, three hundred times over! (See slide 15) The function determines the complementary and the point in time at which each of the two sides occurs, deciding “whose turn” it is at any one moment. And with one patient there is a delay in the occur-rence of one side, with the other it appears very suddenly like a bolt from the blue, or repeats itself very evenly, three hundred times over, as Ralf does. This function takes a pair of contradictions and turns them into one rather colourful character.

8. It structures them like a mathematical relationship. (See slide 16) That is why, in Quantum Logic Medicine as in physics, it is called “Mathematical Form”. The enduring interplay shaped by this Mathematical Form is called quan-tum. It is what gave this medical science its name. It is the one function that shows itself to be effective across all of the patient’s contradictory functions, linking them to create an inseparable whole or totality.

9. (See slide 17) The quantum is without timepoint and non-localized. Thus it does not know body ore psyche as local-izations, the quantum operates everywhere.

10. (See slide 18) The physician must elicit the functions in crystal-clear manner, as in mathematics. Only then can Quantum Logic Medicine be precise. He uses only abstrac-tion to compare the symptoms. Logically, therefore, this medical science does not permit any interpretations.

11. (See slide 19) Let us continue with Ralf as an example. Ralf’s incredibly meticulous script, “corrected three hundred times over,” is quite obviously completely at odds with his statement to the effect that he “often blows a fuse and talks others into the ground.”
That is a clear and quite evident pair of opposites.
(See slide 20)
A: Ralf compels himself to keep to the grid, i.e. the narrow confines, by rubbing out and rewriting three hundred times over.
AA: Standing in contradiction to this function is the fact that he repeatedly blows a fuse and incessantly talks others into the ground, time and again ….
It is between such seeming contradictions that the function can best be detected.

(See slide 21) And how is the Mathematical Form, which shapes A and Anti-A, evident as function? Three hundred times over, time and again, repeatedly.

12. Every further one of Ralf’s symptoms is now confronted and compared with that form with it’s A and Anti-A. (See slide 22)

In gym lessons, Ralf is unable to get in line, although he is already ten years old. He says he no longer recalls how the exercise went, stating “Done talking. Over and out.”
The physician soon realizes where this new symptom fits in:
Not getting in line goes with the Anti-A. In the same way that his writing gets out of line and has to be forced back into shape time and time again, he acts in similar fashion when doing gymnastics.

13. Such series of symptoms in which the physician writes analogous functions beneath one another are called matri-ces (See slide 23). Continuing the examination of Ralf the physician gets a more clear result by every symptom. If you want to know the exact way to this result, (See slide 24) look at www.quantum-logic-medicine.com and the new book of Prof. Köster: “The Technique of Quantum Logic Medi-cine”.

14. (See slide 25) Quantum Logic Medicine now goes back over the steps relating to the patient that have hitherto been described, while also going through the corresponding rem-edy options.
Yet it also includes an examination of all attainable func-tional data relating to the primary substance, even if that may be chemical or biological, etc.

15. Viewed in these terms, two particular remedies stand out for Ralf: MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS (MERC) and HYOSCAMUS NIGER (HYOS).
MERC cannot be the one because Ralf does not, in his functions, display the characteristic decay but a violent movement away.
(See slide 26) But HYOS shows exactly the quant of Ralf.

16. The mother’s of Ralf exact words: HYOSCYAMUS is the greatest blessing to have come our way!

17. Quantum Logic Medicine is a scientific method based on quantum logic. It is transparent and follows logical rules (See slide 27). It has much more success as Kent’s homeopathy as it avoids errors by a logical screening. It follows Hahnemann not only by the letter but by his proceeding.

(See slide 28)
We believe it is the future of homeopathy and medicine.
Look at www.quantum-logic-medicine.com!

Dr Ursel Busch and
Prof. Dr. med. Walter Köster (corresponding author)
Frankfurt, Germany

"Wenn Sie psycho-somatisch sagen, beinhaltet das immer noch das Denken vor der Quantentheorie, die
Trennung von Seele (Psyche) und Körper (Soma). Sagen Sie lieber: „funktional“!"
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (52)